About Cara

Cara Lee

Cara is an authentic teacher, speaker and trainer with the ability to sense and shift subtle energy. She has 15 years of experience in adult learning and over 10 years of experience practicing energy work. She has extensive training in the European and Russian shamanic traditions.

Cara’s perspective on shifting patterns comes from her own experience of healing from trauma and chronic pain. Miraculous treatments appeared as she expanded her paradigm and reversed an “incurable” condition. She helps individuals, groups and organizations shift old patterns and use their problems for conscious expansion and innovation.

Cara has a B.S. in Mathematics from Oregon State University and an M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University. She got her certificate in Training and Development from Portland State University in 2012. Cara studied, apprenticed and taught with shamanic teacher Shannon Kelly for 8-years. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her loving partner, vibrant 9-year old son and their giant 20 pound cat.

My Purpose

I believe we are on this planet for growth and expansion. I am always pushing the edge of what is possible. I am a leader on the bridge from mainstream practice to new paradigms. My purpose is to help bring the head and heart together in the workplace.

My Values

Integrity, kindness, community, service, authenticity, self-awareness, expansion, joy, play and collaboration.



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